Our Mission

Since the beginning, the story of coffee has been one of distance, disinterest, and an undervalued product.  The relationship between consuming countries and the people producing coffee was built on a colonial model of the “haves” and “have-nots.” Coffee drinkers had no connection to the people who grew the coffee they drank every day, and in Africa, a tea drinking culture, farmers had little awareness of the value of their product or how it would be used, prepared and consumed. Today, specialty coffee with its higher quality, craft-roasting and elevated experience makes a better narrative possible, where roasters and coffee lovers pay a bit more for their coffee and coffee producers share in the value that they create.

We see Twin Bee Coffee as both a necessity and an opportunity. In order to sustain and support the thousands of hardworking coffee farmers in East Africa, we NEED to introduce more consumers to these exceptional coffees. The opportunity lies in cultivating a growing curiosity about these high-quality coffees–new flavor experiences and ethically sourced products. Twin Bee works to match the need and the opportunity, the farmer and the consumer, the effort and the reward.

Twin Bee wants to be a bridge that builds a meaningful connection between the people at origin and coffee lovers.

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  • Coffees washed in clear spring water and dried in the sun.

  • Responsibly sourced through direct trade partnerships that encourage quality and pay farmers fairly.

  • Coffees that empower growers, encourage gender equity and help build self-sustaining communities.

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