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Chocolate, Vanilla, and Sweet Hazelnut

Light Roast

12 oz bag of coffee

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Single Origin Micro-Lot

Uruyuki is the Kirundi word for “Bee”, an apt description of the industrious Burundi farmers.
It is an exceptional coffee that comes from the very high elevation of Mahonda washing station in Burundi. This award-winning coffee is grown by a group of forty farmers who use many of the industry’s best practices to create this unique flavor profile. Mahonda is one of the last washing stations in the area because of its high elevation. Even though flowering happens at the same time as other trees in the central region, the Mahonda cherries take longer to mature. That extra time generates more complex sugars, bringing natural sweetness to the coffee. Cooler weather also means a longer fermentation period of 16 to 17 hours versus the standard of 12 to 14 hours.

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12 oz bag (340 gr)



Unit Dimensions

5" (w) x 3.125" (d) x 8" (h)

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11" (w) x 8" (d) x 4" (h)


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