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Lemon, Black Tea, and Apricot

Light Roast

12 oz bag of coffee

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Amahasa is the Kirundi word for “Twin” and is used to describe a special blessing. This coffee is grown in the rich volcanic soil of the mountains of Burundi under the special care of a dedicated group of women farmers. For these women growing high-quality coffee is not only a source of income and pride, it also means empowerment. In a country where the contribution of women in the workforce is historically unrecognized, these women receive payments directly from our sourcing partner, that are based on the premium prices their coffees achieve in the global market. The women use this money to send their children to school, building a better life for their families and communities. These women are part of a local chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Alliance (IWCA).

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12 oz bag (340 gr)



Unit Dimensions

5" (w) x 3.125" (d) x 8" (h)

Case Dimensions

11" (w) x 8" (d) x 4" (h)


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